Equity and Mentoring

The Equity and Mentoring Workgroup supports a balanced workplace, equitable educational opportunities and a campus climate conducive to achieving success. These are achieved through attention to salary equity and job parity within all UA employment categories, including graduate student employees, and through professional and personal development among students, faculty and staff by connecting them with others who provide advice on work-related issues, career planning, job skill enhancement, and University involvement.

Faculty Affairs

The Faculty Affairs Workgroup seeks to promote institutional changes in policies and structures to lead to more equitable career outcomes for faculty and to ensure that gender is not a barrier to fully participate in the academic, professional, and social activities of the University. Faculty Affairs also seeks to identify areas in which gender inequities currently exist to propose potential solutions to promote equity at all levels.  Faculty Affairs offers professional development opportunities to promote success, satisfaction, and leadership skills for faculty at all stages of their career.  Additionally, networking opportunities are provided to establish strong and supportive connections between faculty members of all genders from across campus.

Family and Self Care

The Family and Self Care Workgroup responds to increasing demand for family-friendly infrastructure support, including considerations of child and elder care. Members engage with representatives of other units to promote the implementation of workgroup projects. Self-care is an area often overlooked in our professional lives. We hope that by dedicating time and resources to this important topic, CSW may help UA employees achieve greater balance between their personal and professional lives. Join our Facebook Group.

Programs and Networking

The workgroup’s focus is on internal and external programming for professional development as well as issues of leadership and relevant topics in higher education. The Programs and Networking workgroup provides excellent opportunities for its members to gain experience in event planning, professional development topics, and to build bridges with other like-minded organizations in the Tucson community.

Outreach and Communications

The Outreach and Communications workgroup is the primary mouthpiece of CSW. We work closely with Commission chairs and other workgroups to share event information, news, success stories, concerns, and values with the campus community. Channels of communication include the CSW website, social media, listservs, targeted emails, events and workshops, and print. Additionally, workgroup members administer the annual CSW Mini-Grants program.

Women in Technology (WiT)

The Women in Technology (WiT) workgroup is an effort to create an inclusive community of women professionals who work in or with IT from the UA campus and local Tucson community. We seek to empower these women and bring them together through the offering of professional development and networking opportunities.  Sign up for the WiT specific listserv.