Workshops for Emerging Leaders

The CSW Workshops for Emerging Leaders series brings together UA campus and Tucson community leaders for talks that focus on the key qualities emerging leaders need to succeed in the dynamic, 21st-century workplace. These workshops address the following questions:

  • What key traits should emerging leaders develop to advance equity, opportunity and diversity in the workplace?
  • How can emerging leaders think differently to shape a better workplace and a more engaged community?
  • How can leaders respond effectively to microaggressions or utilize kindness to effectively build their team and organization?

Each workshop features one speaker who is a leader on the UA campus, and one speaker who is a leader in the Tucson community. This “town and gown” pairing creates a stronger connection between both constituencies. Each speaker talks for 12-15 minutes, integrating personal narrative with practical tips for professional growth and self-development. 

These workshops are open to anyone on campus or in the community. Workshops allow time for questions, as well as for networking with speakers and other audience members. Through consistent, monthly dialogue, we build a stronger community of future leaders who are committed to equity, opportunity and balance for a diverse workforce.

Light refreshments are provided and there is no need to RSVP; however, space may be limited based on demand.


Fall 2015 Workshops and Lectures


Previous Workshops and Lectures


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