Vision and Outstanding Mentoring Awards

The University of Arizona Commission on the Status of Women created the Vision Awards program in 1999 to honor leaders who exemplify the vision set out by the original Arizona Board of Regents Commission in 1990. Vision Award recipients cultivate diversity and actively advance CSW goals.


Commission on the Status of Women: Outstanding Mentoring Awards

This mentoring award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mentoring within The University of Arizona. The Outstanding Mentoring Award honors and celebrates people who are making a difference through mentoring.  


One Outstanding Mentor will be awarded from each of these categories of employees: UA faculty, appointed, or classified employees.


We are looking for nominees who demonstrate excellent mentoring through:

• their individual mentoring accomplishments

• their creation of high quality mentoring experiences for others (that facilitate growth and development)

• their efforts contribute to building a mentoring culture at the University of Arizona.


Awardees are nominated and awards are announced in the Spring semester.  More information about the ceremony will be posted in early spring.


Commission on the Status of Women: Vision Awards

The University of Arizona (UA) Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) created the Vision Awards Program in 1999 to honor leaders who manage their units in ways that exemplify the vision set out by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Commission in 1990 (nomination criteria may be found on the following page).  University staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and administrators are encouraged to nominate individuals who cultivate diversity and advance the CSW goals relating to 1) Campus Climate, 2) Career and Professional Development, and 3) Equity and Embody the UA’s “Never Settle” strategic plan of engaging, innovating, partnering, and synergy ( ). 




Current UA employees with the title of Dean, Department Head, Director, Chair, and those in positions with significant personnel oversight responsibilities, are eligible for nomination in the category of “Established Visionary”. Personnel in classified staff, appointed professional, and faculty positions may well be suitable for consideration as an “Emerging Visionary”.



Past Awardees


  • Hannah Lozon, Coordinator of Social Justice Education at Residence Life
  • Chris Tisch, Assistant Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health


  • Anne L. Wright, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the UA College of Medicine - Tucson


  • Thomas P. Miller, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Allison Vaillancourt, Vice President of Human Resources


  • Leslie Eldenburg, Interim Dean of the Eller College of Management
  • Christine Salvesen, Director of Academic Success and Achievement


  • Marie Chisholm-Burns, Head of Pharmacy Practice and Science
  • Carla Stoffle, Dean of the University of Arizona Libraries


  • Becky Bell, Associate Athletic Director
  • Leslie Porter, Director of Human Resources Consulting and Talent Management


  • Sue Kroeger, Director of the Disability Resources Center,  Adjunct Professor College of Education and acting compliance officer for the University's Americans with Disabilities Act


  • Nancy Daru Yaeli, Assistant Director, Vice President, Constituent Relations, Alumni Association
  • Beth Mitchneck, Associate Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences


  • Paul Kohn, Assistant Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Joanne Lagasse-Long, Director of the International Student Programs and Services Office


  • Margaret “Casey” Kilcullen-Steiner, Assistant Director of Facilities at University Animal Care
  • Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the Southwest Institute for Women
  • Raji Rhys-Wietecha, Assistant Director of the Diversity Resource Office
  • Special Award: Peter Likins, “Living the Vision and Showing Others the Way”


  • Caroline Garcia, Associate Director for Finance and Administration
  • Marie G. Swanson,Dean of College of Public Health


  • Jacqueline Chadwick, Associate Vice President for the Arizona Health Sciences Center Phoenix Campus
  • Charles Tatum, Dean of the College of Humanities
  • Maria Teresa VĂ©lez, Associate Dean of the Graduate College


  • Kathryn Bayles, Head of Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Joaquin Ruiz, Dean of College of Science
  • Melissa Vito, Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students


  • Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Head of Women’s Studies
  • Rebecca "Becky" Potter, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at the College of Medicine
  • Pamela Powers, Program Director of the Arizona Tobacco Information Network


  • Gail Barker
  • Marie Rozenblit


  • Larry Evers, Head of the English Department
  • Daniel Stein, Head of the Physics Department
  • Magdalena Vargas, Special Assistant to the Registrar
  • Susan Wilson-Sanders


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