In July 1989, the Arizona Board of Regents convened a task force to assess the conditions for women at all three state universities. For two years, the ABOR Tri-University Commission studied each institution and in 1991 published a comprehensive report that included a Vision for the Year 2000 (PDF) and 50 Recommendations (PDF) to guide the universities in their efforts to achieve the Vision. The first recommendation directed each institution to create its own Commission on the Status of Women, and in fall of 1992 the University of Arizona CSW was established.

Founding Commissioners, 1992-1993

  • Jerelyn Schultz, CSW Chair
  • Karen Anderson, History/Women's Studies
  • Anna Atwater, Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Grace Boyne, Southwest Folklore Center
  • Johnetta Brazell, Student Affairs
  • Tracy Craig, Undergraduate Student
  • Martha Gilliland, Graduate College
  • Barbara Gutek, College of Business and Public Administration
  • Linda Houtkooper, Nutritional Sciences
  • Mary Ellen Hunt, Graduate Student
  • Simone Jacobson, Mathematics
  • Doug Jones, Science Library
  • Lee Knight, ASUA President
  • Mary Koss, Psychiatry
  • Polin Lei, Medical Library
  • Ralph Martinez, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Judy Mitchell, Language, Reading, and Culture
  • Cathy Nicholson, Human Resources
  • Carla Nunn, Regent's Affairs
  • Jillian Ratensperger, Undergraduate Student
  • Paki Rico, Federal Relations
  • Thomas Sullivan, College of Law
  • Charles Tatum, College of Humanities
  • Saundra Taylor, Student Affairs
  • Maria Teresa Velez, Student Health
  • Brackette Williams, African-American Studies
  • John M. Wilson, Department of Dance
  • Adina Wolf, Undergraduate Student


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